8 Ideas for a Great Church Holiday Service


8 Ideas for a Great Church Holiday Service

As stated in previous posts, holiday services are excellent evangelistic opportunities for any church.  I read a blog that said if services were football games, Christmas and Easter would be the Super Bowls.

If we want to make sure we take advantage of these types of days,in terms of moving a visitor into a member, it is important to keep in mind the individuals that come out only three times a year.

It is important for them to be ‘wowed’ by what they see, what they hear and what they experience.  If your program is set up like your average Sunday morning service, they will call themselves doing their religious duty until the next significant holiday.

Here are some ideas that you should consider in determining your holiday service format.

1) Don’t be Afraid to Decorate

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year,  There’s a sense of joy and energy in the air. A decorated lobby gives visitors the sense that the church is engaged with the holiday spirit.

Many churches embrace the spirit of festivities by decorating their entrance way of the lobby with a Christmas tree full of lights surrounded by beautifully decorated empty gift boxes.

Some even decorate their sanctuaries with the altar filled with beautiful azaleas, candles and a manger scenes.

2) Assign Your Best Greeters at the Door

Assign a team of people to greet visitors as they arrive at your church. Make sure the people you choose to do this job have the natural gift of hospitality.

Greeting people as they enter the facility is more than a handshake and a smile.  It is an opportunity to express God’s love through Christ and helps to set the tone for the upcoming worship service.

3) Evaluate Your Music

The use of contemporary, energetic music goes a long way.  You may have have a habit of not getting involved in the area of music, but I encourage you to get involved on these days.

You want music with a messages of joy and hope.  On these days make sure you work together with your musical team to come up with a plan for this service.

4) Calling All Actors

Consider infusing a skit or a monologue into this service.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  A five minute skit or monologue can go a long way in helping people understand the message.

5) Story Tellers wanted

Consider reading  a relevant story. Jesus told lots of stories because they work to help people understand the message.

Make sure that the one who reads is gifted in interpretive reading that will engage the interest of the congregation.

6) Lights, Camera, Action!

A 2-3 minute relevant video clip will also serve to go a long way in setting the stage for your sermon.  Web sites such as WingClips, Sermonspice, BlueFishTv  offer some excellent options to choose from.

7) Preach!

Well planned and relevant sermons are essential to the service. This is worth saying because some pastors take the position that they know the Christmas and Easter story inside and out and that they don’t need to prepare.

Spending time in prayer will allow God to help stimulate your creative juices to provide the message with more impact.

8) Assemble a ‘Creative’ Team

Consider the input of others by assembling a ‘Creative’ Team. At minimum, the following people need to be a part of this team: your music team, drama team, audio/video team, assistant pastor and or lay ministry team.

Tell the team that you want this to be the best Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day event ever.  Let them know that what you are thinking and your theme if you have it.

Inviting others into creative process will yield you positive results.  Soliciting the input of others will take your ministry to a whole other level.


What other ideas has your church implemented to ensure a great holiday service?



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6 thoughts on “8 Ideas for a Great Church Holiday Service

  1. I really like #8 Assemble a “Creative Team” The Body of Christ is not one member but many. I realize the focus is on Holiday Season. The principle you just put on the table need to be incorporated in every aspect of what ever we are doing.

    The wisdom that you are sharing sounds like it is coming from some one with the Gift of Administration. Some one who understands how powerful it is to work together.

    The word WHOLE – Being in healthy or sound condition

    It would be very good to end the year on such a note- That will produce the melody for the New Year.


    No better time than NOW to begin to implement such wisdom.

    Brother Mike

  2. Thank you for your reply. It would be great if we could use this principle throughout the year, but the truth is we have to start somewhere. For many pastors holiday season input may be a stretch for the. So first I encourage to take small steps, manageable bites. Once pastors see the success for holidays may be they will be prone to solicit more feedback.

  3. #7 Well planed sermons are needed. I THINK THE SAME THING HAPPENS IN OTHER AREAS OF OUR LIVES. We become comfortable, we fail to invest our selves the way we use to.

    When we first started to preach we was excited, stay up half the night seeking for more revelation. Therefore we would have something fresh to present. We would have a different perspective, a new insight. The Christmas and Easter story both are so profound how can we lose the significance of them. THEY BOTH SET THE STAGE FOR EACH OTHER. If we are practicing what they mean on a daily basis from one year to the next, that exercise alone would prepare us to deliver a life giving sermon.

    Not only an excellent sermon- We will have signs and wonders following.

    This has convicted me, have you ever thought that you were speaking to others- And God revealed that what you were saying was for you.

    I needed that

    • Let the Church say, “AMEN.” You offered some great points. You’re right on it. We often limit God. But if seek God for the ‘NEW’ delivering (as you say) “a life giving” sermon we set the stage for God’s Spirit to display the signs and wonders too. I’m convicted twice over!