Cell Phones Erode Relationships – Unplug & Sign Off

I stumbled across this video and was so moved by the message of knowing when to UNPLUG & SIGN OFF that I had to blog about digital addictions. You can’t go anywhere these days and not see a great number of people eyes glued to their cell phones.

I was in the grocery store the other day and decided that I would try a natural sugar to replace our Splenda consumption.

There were a variety of sugar substitutes and I could not decide, so I took out my iPhone, pulled up the Internet and began to see which one was better. Because of this instant access I was able to make a choice.This is clearly an illustration of how cell phones can HELP.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went out to dinner and in just our small eating area we saw a half dozen people with families or on dates texting or even having the phones up to their ear. This is clearly an illustration of how cell phones can HURT.

The emergence of cell phones as ever-present communication devices has expanded the ways in which we live and interact with each other, BUT if not properly put into CHECK by establishing certain boundaries, it can and will ERODE our relationships.

This video is clearly indicative of the times we live in and illustrates a clear message of what could happen if we become oblivious to our surroundings because of our preoccupation with technology.
As you can see cell phones AND computers have change how we DO relationships and is not always for the better.

Take a look at these statistics:

According to Pew Research. . .

82% of Americans own a cell phone
average cell phone users check their phone 34 times a day
84% people don’t think they could be separated from their phones for just one day
75% cell phone users feel “panicked” when losing their phone
65% of cell owners have slept with their cell phone

NOMOPHOPIA – (no mobile-phone phobia) The fear of being out of contact with someone via mobile phone.

A couple years ago, a video went viral of a girl so engaged with her cell phone that she walked right into mall fountain.

Why, the cell phone obsession?

Unlimited options/instant access

Alarm clock, GPS, camera, video, Facebook, Twitter, movies, music, text messaging and instant Internet access are just a mere handful of applications that can be found on any phone.

One evening I was walking out onto a pier when the lamp post light went out. I took my phone, opened up the app store, downloaded and installed a flashlight app all in less than 60 seconds. It was then that I said that these smart phones can do everything short of repairing a leak in the kitchen sink.

It is no wonder why we stay glued to our electronic devices.

Know when to UNPLUG!

Just as the video depicts, our preoccupation with our phones (or our computers) can put a strain upon and or ruin our personal relationships.

We must exercise caution and be disciplined in our use of technology while intentionally connecting with those we love by giving them our UNDIVIDED attention and time.  This is done by establishing appropriate boundaries and knowing WHEN to sign off, disconnect and unplug.

Have you assessed just how much time your are giving to your digital devices?

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One thought on “Cell Phones Erode Relationships – Unplug & Sign Off

  1. It is how it is used. I know a sister and brother who uses the computer to do ministry and business.

    It goes back to the motive of who is using them and why. Is it for self gratification or God’s