Church Hoppers Gone Wild

Church Hoppers Gone Wild

I know we have all heard people talking about people who hop from one church to another.  Church Hoppers Gone Wild are people who habitually hop from one church to the other.

This video, in a comedic way shows a guy who prefers to customize his church going experience and since he can’t get everything at one church, he hops over to several in pursuit of having it his way.

Doing Church Differently

Are there churches who serve blueberry bagels, coffee, or have excellent greeters, or have pastors who preach to itchy ears?  Yep!

I’m not saying that churches must fall in line with what other churches are doing, but what I am saying is churches can have a completely different look, feel  and experience than what we have become accustomed to.

People are curious by nature and experiencing something new always yields an appeal.

We’ve heard many pastors from the pulpit accuse people of church hopping and even chastise them stating that they are not willing to make a commitment; there is no sense of loyalty and they are running away from accountability. Although I believe these statements are true, I believe they hold true to a smaller demographic.

This is a very common complaint heard by churches experiencing a dwindling of their Sunday morning attendance.

In the blog, Is Sheep Stealing a Form of Evangelism? we listed five top reasons why people visit other churches.The answers ranged from just wanting to experience something new to being bored or feeling spiritually deficient.

Although there are are certainly people who would rather ‘date’ a church than to ‘make a full commitment,’ AND while they may share in some crazy quirks like the man on the video, I think most people wander from their churches into the sanctuary of other churches on a regular basis in an attempt to meet a need that perhaps is not being met at ABC Church.

Church Hopping and Empty Pews – a Red Flag

If we see, before our very eyes, the evidence of more empty pews, is the answer to chastise the ones who are in the service or rather see it as a ‘RED’ Flag – a symptom of a greater problem that needs to be addressed. And think about it, the ones who are accused of church hopping aren’t even there to hear the rebuke.

The blog Is Sheep Stealing a Form of Evangelism? also addresses some suggestions in safeguarding your sheep.

A Church that is NOT Growing is Dying

Can you think of some other reasons why people church hop?

Dr. James Emery White wrote an excellent article from a different perspective on “Church Hopping” addressing those ‘hard-core’ hoppers.

As pastors or church leaders what suggestions would you give to rectify the problem of declining membership, dwindling services and empty pews?



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2 thoughts on “Church Hoppers Gone Wild

  1. To me this is just like voting. Regardless of who you vote for or if you choice not to vote.People are going to do what they want to do. Nothing new under the sun. Like the parable of the sower,
    not all the seed feel on the same type of soil. I think this blog made it clear why some seem to go from place to place.

    My question is why do some stay? They are not being feed a spiritual diet. There is confusion
    most of the time. The people who are in positions of authority some has never been born again.
    The things that the average person struggle with, such as finance and relationships. You are forced to deal with it or seek help from a source not connected to were you pay your tithe. The focus in the blog is why do people go from place to place. Again my question is – is it better to stay were you are dieing spiritually. Not only does it affect you, it affect your family.

    In the name of being committed and loyal to my church i chose to stay there and die.Where ever you are should be conducive to who i am. Not only that but what I am called and ordained to do. Do I have the liberty to express and execute my gift to the GLORY of GOD and the benefit of others. So we label the ones that leave as CHURCH HOPPERS. What would you call those who stay and complain give their money. They are loyal and faithful to something that they are totally frustrated with.

    If people would have enough love to set down and talk to a few CHURCH HOPPERS they would get a better understanding of who the person is. I nhave started a ministry called WOUNDED IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. The church world would call them CHURCH HOPPERS. Our job is to help them regain their confidence. Because the church calls them names like CHURCH HOPPERS – ROLLING STONES GATHER NO MOSS. And yet the Bible says if you see your brother over taken in a fault you which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness. What I am about to say is fact-Some leaders will turn their members against the person who leaves. When you leave the friends you thought you had never check on you. The Pastor never check on you.

    As you can see I found this to be very interesting.
    I meet one on one by appointment only and it is free-
    If you have been labeled a CHURCH HOPPER, we need to talk.
    My office is
    Severn Business Center
    8000 Jumper Hole Road, Suite # 8
    Pasadena, MD. 21122

    I can be reached at
    Bro. Mike

    The purpose is to help you discover your purpose

  2. I have had the pleasure of talking to some so called church hoppers.
    Just a few things they shared. They was looking for love and acceptance. They were not the best dressers. Low income, did not have personal transportation. Some live in communities that others looked down on. They had low or no self esteem.

    They were not included in the click. Click meaning the elite group. You know the ones who thought that they were not mortal. They act like they are a god of some sort. They would experience being over looked. They were not invited to certain functions. Some times they would
    not find out about it until it was over. After being rejected all their life- The one place they was expecting to find unconditional love was the church. They never got a phone call from people who would have made them feel like they were ok. One thing they did find at the church was another nick name- CHURCH HOPPER— ROLLING STONE — UNSTABLE-

    This is why God gave me the name WOUNDED IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.
    I talk to many people with this label.

    There are some who have not left they are faithful. They have experienced the same things and is experiencing it as I speak. We encourage them to. Some people are able to take more abuse than others. Than you have those that go with the flow. They have accepted the fact that it is what it is.

    Who is right, the one who run away looking for acceptance. “Seek and you shall find”
    Or the one who stay and put up with the backbiting, envy and posturing.

    Who can judge the one who stay or the one who run away. They both need help. They both are looking for the same thing. We all cover our tracks a different way. We all hide behind
    something. What if we tried praying for one another. The church hopper praying for the ones that caused them to go. And the ones who stay pray for the church hoppers.

    One thing I know the reason there seem to be a distinction is because they do not know one another. Because if they did they would know that it is just the opposite side of the same coin.
    They are really no difference. Both experience exactly the same test or trials- health, finance, children, marriage, aging. As you can see we have so much in common. Speaking of so much in common.
    Death is one thing we all have in common.


    If you know a church hopper give them a call- not only will it make their day. You will have
    started a healing within yourself. If could have been you, so desperately needing a phone call.