Explore Creative Ways to Educate on Tithing


Telling people that it is their duty to pay tithes and offering and demanding that they give can be met with some resistance.  Consider some softer and more creative ways and approaches to educate your congregations on the subject of tithing. You can consider a tithing story before taking up your offering.

Here is an example:

The Pastor and the Successful Young Man

The story went similar to this.  There once was a man who was mentored by a pastor at a very young age. The pastor taught him how to tithe, he took him to the altar one day and pronounced a blessing over him that God would always take care of him for his obedience.

When the man was a boy at the tender age of five,  he received his first $1 for an allowance and proudly put in his .10 cents.  As he got older he got $5 and devotedly put in his .50 cents.  He got his first job working yard work and got $50 and without question put in his $5.00.  He then got a job working in a restaurant and received $200 and obediently tithed $20.

Well the story goes on to say the young man  grew up, graduated from college, sought out employment and continued to advance in his chosen profession. The man was well traveled, but still kept in touch with the pastor and remained faithful to his commitment to tithe.

One day the man was about to write his tithe check when it dawned on him just how much he was giving to the church.

He was now making in excess of $250,000 a year – that would be $25,000 to the church!

He quickly got on the phone and asked to meet with the pastor. The two went into the sanctuary.  The man told the pastor how faithful he had been tithing ALL of these years – since he was five  years old and that he never had a problem with giving before.

The pastor listened intently merely saying, “Hmm. I see.”  The man continued, “Pastor, do you know how much that is? It’s $25,000!”  The pastor said for the two of them to go back to the altar to pray.  The two went and knelt down at the altar to seek guidance.

The pastor began to pray, “Lord, this young man has been faithful to you since the age of five when he was given his first dollar.

check writingYou have blessed him with increase all of these years and he has grown up to be a successful young man.  But now, Father, he is having some uncertainties about his giving.  So we ask you God to reduce his pay back to the amount where he had no worries, but…”

Before the pastor could finish, the man jumped up, pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check for $26,000.

Explore Creative Ways to Educate our Congregation on Tithing

This story could be shared as in just story telling from your pulpits or you could even put together a quick skit to give your congregation a visual aid.  It could be as minimal as getting (2) characters and a narrator to as elaborate as getting (7) people – getting a child to represent times the young man had no trouble giving.

The point is this story whether told or acted out in a skit could be done in five minutes before offering and would resonate with your congregation for a lifetime and will most likely yield a better outcome.

Do you use creative approaches in educating your congregation on the subject of tithing? Care to share?


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3 thoughts on “Explore Creative Ways to Educate on Tithing

  1. The Bible says God loves a cheerful giver. Talking about creative giving. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. The word says it is more blessed to give than to receive. The same measure you meet it will be measured to you again. God is not mocked what soever a man so that shall he also reap. Give and God will cause men to give unto you good measured pressed down shaking together and running over.


  2. There were three tithes’. One went to the Levites. (and there aren’t any now) One went to pay for your pigmgirales to where YHVH’s name was established’ for the pilgrimage festivals. And the third went to support widows and orphans. How you should apply those principles today is a real challenge. The tithe wasn’t stopped after 7 years, but during the land sabbath, you had very little increase (if you were a farmer)

    • You are well versed. You’re right, God setup the ultimate plan to take care of his priests, foreigners, widows and orphans. He even set up the first welfare plan in that the foreigners, poor and disadvantaged could glean from the farmer’s field as the land owners were instructed not to harvest the land bare. There is a challenge today to follow God’s ultimate plan.