The Death of Hope – Robin Williams


Are You Okay?

My husband and I were out enjoying our boat. We had to slow it down when we came across other boats, people in rafts and kayaks. Etiquette, when out on a boat is to wave to those you pass by. I remember seeing two women in a raft. We waved and they waved back. They seemed to be going nowhere, but who were we to second guess how people were enjoying the water. They said nothing and neither did we. My husband was anxiously trying to get passed the slow pokes so he could go full throttle. Some half hour later, we doubled back to go in another direction to head towards the beach when we saw the same two ladies. I called out, “You guys doing okay?” One of the ladies said, “No.” Humbly, she said that they had been out there for awhile going in circles. They just couldn’t get the hang of things. We grabbed their ropes and pulled them to shore.

I think about this as I reflect on the passing of Robin Williams, one of America’s finest comedians. I was saddened to hear that he had committed suicide and that he struggled with depression. I believe it was T.D. Jakes who once said that ‘suicide’ is the DEATH of HOPE. Williams had also been recently diagnosed with the beginning stages of Parkinson Disease which probably compounded his depressive disorder.

In the biblical times, what was one thing that Jesus offered?

It was HOPE to the hopeless whether it was the blind man, the lame man, the leprous man, the outcast, the no cast, the untouchables, the man with the demonic spirit, the rich or the poor man and the women. At the cross, Jesus leveled the playing field and made ALL men equal and offered each HOPE even in the darkest of times. Jesus is our light.

May God grant each of us ‘discernment,’ an ability to look pass the external, a glimpse into the internal, pass the pride and pretense. “Williams, you doing okay? Grab a hold of this rope and allow us to pull you in.”

Robin Williams Canada

Robin Williams Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God Help Us to See Through Your Eyes

May we all ask God to help us look through His eyes to see when our brothers and sisters are in need of some help. If we miss it the first time, may He allow us the opportunity to double back and have courage to just ask, “Are you okay?”


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