Is God Your Anchor?

I heard a song this morning that blessed my soul. One thing for sure and two things for certain, in this life struggles will come to throw us ‘temporarily’ off course but there is good news if your soul is anchored.   I want to encourage all those who are going through struggles in whatever forms they may manifest.  If you have time play the song above (The Anchor Holds) and be encouraged.

  • The Anchor holds tho the ship is battered
  • The Anchor holds tho the sails are torn
  • I have fallen on my knees as I face this raging sea
  • The Anchor holds despite the storm

The world is changing, one minute we are up and the next we are down. Our culture has played a large part in making us confused as to what is right or what is wrong; it has caused us to question whether there is a God and whether He even cares about us and what we are going through. Even in our churches today we have compromised and now some of our churches look like the culture we were expected to serve.


Sense Your Drifting Backwards

Have you ever stopped at a traffic light and your mind begins to wander off thinking about all sorts of things like “what am I going to cook for dinner, got to pick up the dry cleaning, the proposal is due at 2PM, did I turn off the iron” then out of nowhere, you get a sensation that you are drifting backwards in spite of the fact that your foot is on the brake? There is a sense of panic, adrenalin pumps through your veins a 1000 drops a second; you sweat, all at the same time slamming down hard on your brakes to stop moving when you were never moving in the first place. The very next thing you do is to look outside your window to see ONE thing that is stationary – not moving in order to get your bearings and to be reassured.

God is our Anchor

anchoThis is what comes to mind when I hear that song, what one thing is constant in our lives that will help us get our bearings. We need a ‘constant,’ something that we can rely on when everything and or everyone else is subject to change or let us down. We need an Anchor. I don’t know about you, but I am grateful to God that He is my Anchor and I am grateful that I can look through the window of my soul and heart and can be totally assured that He will never leave me nor forsake me for He is the ONE thing that is stationary, not moving, not changing and I can always look to Him to get my bearings and my assurance.

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