God is Not Dead -The Need for Apologetics

Gods not deadRecently, we rented the movie, “God is Not Dead.”  I must say that overall I thought it was a good movie.  It started a little slow in its building, but by the time we hit the middle and end I was hooked.

The movie was centered around a college student and his atheistic professor of philosophy. The theme is ‘apologetics.’ Apologetics in this sense is NOT apologizing, but rather offering a DEFENSE  of one’s belief.

The first day of class the presumptuous professor convinced his class to write the words “God is Dead” on a sheet of paper to avoid having to teach the Evidence of the Existence God segment of his class. The bribe promised an easy ‘A’ and accounted for 30% of their grade.

The majority of students had no problem jotting down these three words.  One student however, could not do this.  The angered professor told him to he must then be prepared to defend his view or risk loosing 30% of his grade.  The student had a lot to lose.He consulted a pastor for guidance.What the pastor said had a profound impact on me.  He said,

“The acceptance of this challenge may be the ONLY meaningful exposure to God and Jesus they will ever have.”

The professor, a known atheist had a reputation of being one of the school’s most brilliant minds; he was stellar in his field of philosophy.  His arrogance coupled with his intimidation and narcissistic personality caused many students to fear him.  Yet will all of the professor’s accomplishments and admiration of both student and colleague, nothing could have prepared him for the challenge of his lifetime.

The Bible tells us to be ready to defend our reason for believing.  I believe one of the main reason; we don’t evangelize like we should is that we feel we can’t support effectively the reason for our beliefs.  How do you answer when people ask why you don’t believe in evolution, the big bang or how you can read a text that is m more than 6000 years old and fit it into today’s culture or better yet the ole time favorite, “How can you believe in a God who would allow bad things to happen to good people?”

Believe it or not, the typical professional apologetic will tell us that there are really no new questions asked by critics, they are just phrased a little different and for the most part there are answers for each.

Perhaps if were taught a brief lesson on apologetics, we  too, could answer our critics with confidence.

Did you like this movie?  What are your thoughts as to why we have trouble evangelizing?

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