Gun Control or Anger Management?

Anger managment

Is it really gun control or a NEED to manage our anger to life’s disappointments in whatever ways they present themselves?

There is so much talk about gun control especially as so many innocent lie in the murderous wake of obviously sick individuals.

What would drive a person to go and shoot up people in a movie theater or kill innocent children at an elementary school or kill people on your job or officers of the law? One word – ANGER.

I am an advocate for gun control, however, I believe if all the guns were confiscated people would still find other ways to hurt others. Why? Because ANGER is the real source of the problem.

Anger is a God-given emotion given to all of us.  I think without it we would all spontaneously combust.  There are legitimate times when we have the right to be angry with people and circumstances.

However, the Bible is clear in that we are to be careful that in our anger we do not sin.

In other words, the expression of our anger must be properly managed.

Are we helpless?

When we hear of senseless crimes on the innocent, we often feel helpless.  All we can do is talk about it, question what would possess them and lastly on a positive note, we can pray for those mourning  family members left behind.

However, the church does not have look far to see that our congregations are filled with people living on the edge.

Challenge for the churches

We need to teach from our pulpits on the subject of ANGER Management.  The truth is any of us are subject to lose control and could quickly find ourselves on the other end of the law.

Here are some topics to get us started on perhaps a sermon series on the subject of Anger Management. Be creative!

  • Anger – the emotion God created in me.
  • I have a right to be angry about ____?
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy anger
  • Anger, the cover up (what’s really going on with me?)
  • Anger: Your thoughts are your enemy
  • Uncontrolled anger can lead to:___________
  • Signs you need a temper time-out
  • When anger becomes danger
  • Anger management techniques

Be relevant – illustrate life application

As I opened up this blog I think the problem with people is more than guns and one’s access to them and more about the management of life’s frustrations, pains and loss.

It’s important to connect with people on their real life issues.  Jesus did it.  The Bible is filled with passages in which to draw from.   Issues that are never addressed can lead to devastating results.

Now instead of just talking about what’s been plastered over the news, use it as a sign to assess whether or not you need to give birth to a sermon addressing that topic.

How are you being relevant to real life issues concerning your congregation?



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2 thoughts on “Gun Control or Anger Management?

  1. Anger is like water before it starts to boil. Gradually over time the temperature starts to increase.
    Getting to the root of ANGER. The best ANGER MANAGEMENT CONTROL— God has given us The Fruit of the SPIRIT.

    One way to defuse the expression of our anger is to change our perception of the situation.
    Example when Jesus was on the cross he said, I am laying down my life. You are not taking it from me. Another time Jesus said I CAN CALL ANGLES TO DELIVER ME IF I CHOSE. Other
    words we got to change our thinking about our situation from victim to VICTORIOUS.

    i AGREE some of the things people have been forced to tolerate they have a right to be angry!!!

    And uncontrolled anger can lead to, saying or doing something that you will regret for the rest of your life.

    COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS, is something else that will control the anger. Looking at the situation from a biblical perspective. And comparing what happen / the consequence that we will suffer if we allow our flesh to dictate our actions— ESPECIALLY WHEN WE FEEL LIKE I DID NOT DESERVE THIS– what ever this is

  2. The management of life’s frustrations, pains and loss.
    Would me a piece of cake if other people were not involved.
    Some times the closer they are the greater the frustration
    and every one LOL