How well do we reflect the Kingdom of God?

As Christians we must always be aware that our talk, our walk and our behavior are direct reflections of the kingdom of God whether good or bad. Here are a couple of very recent examples:

Pastor attempts to stiff waitress on tip

I’m sure by now you heard about the pastor who ate at the Applebee’s Restaurant and called herself stiffing the waitress of her tip.  In fact, she wrote a message on her bill indicating that she gives God 10% whyreceipt do you get 18.

Evidently., the waitress uploaded a picture of the bill to the Internet and the rest is history.

The news even made it on CNN showing that the pastor was cheap as well as rude.

What a negative reflection on the kingdom.

I even read that one of the first places the waitress uploaded the picture was on an Atheist site which. for them. would only further promote their cause.

On another note . . .

Ray Lewis quotes scripture

Seeing that I’m from Baltimore, we were elated when the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl this year. Ray Lewis one of our all time favorites was quoting scripture.  He allowed the world to see another side of himself – the faith side.

Ray announced that he was retiring as a result of God calling him to do so.  His recited the scripture, “No Weapon formed against me shall prosper” and got a lot of feedback.  It seems public reaction to Lewis’ expressions of faith varied from genuine to merely showing off.

To my surprise, the mixed reaction of the Christian community was somewhat disappointing from many not believing he was genuine to bringing up his tainted past when he was charged with murder.

What do they have in common?

In both cases whether it be the pastor stiffing the waitress of her tip or Christians passing judgment on whether Ray Lewis Bible quotes and redemption were genuine are perfect examples of negative reflections on the Kingdom.Ray Lewis

The pastor could have could have gained far more mileage in terms of evangelism by writing some encouraging word on the receipt with a scriptural reference. Hmmm….. I’m just saying.

In the case of Ray Lewis, it’s not for us to be preoccupied with whether someone’s conversion is legitimate or not. Our job is to plant the seed, someone else’s job is to water it and it’s God’s responsibility to make it grow.

On his way out, if Ray Lewis wants to leave the world with a message to which they could remember – why not a scripture? Hmmm….. I’m just saying.

How well do you think we all reflect the kingdom?



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One thought on “How well do we reflect the Kingdom of God?

  1. Can only speak for self– I am asking my self the question HOW WELL AM I REFLECTING THE KINGDOM.

    As far as Ray Lewis past, who among us is with out a past. And some of our present will make Raw Lewis past look like child play.

    Using the Supper Bowl as an example– How many of us devote as much energy and time to the Gospel of Christ as Ray Lewis do to foot ball.

    I was sharing with our Master Mind Group exactly what you are saying. I asked them can we bring the same amount of energy and excitement to our group as they did at the supper bowl?