Improve Your Church Holiday Services by Planning Ahead

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Improve Your Church Holiday Services

Christmas is fast approaching.  For the church, there are three days a year that can serve to EXPLODE your church in terms of growth.  The three days are: Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter.  We call it the C.M.E. days.

These days should come as no surprise to you.   If you can’t get people in church any other time, you usually can on these days. I implore you to really pay attention to these days and not to ignore such a great opportunity to fish.

Feature Your Best Stuff

It is during these times, churches need to pull out there BEST stuff: music, best readers, drama, sermon, etc.  I’ve been in congregation where pastors sand blast their members for not inviting others to church with them.  Believe me when I say you don’t get warm fuzzies staring out at empty pews.

However, on the other hand, if there is nothing to look forward to but a typical Sunday morning format, where is the motivation to do anything different?

Plan Ahead

There are churches who put significant time into planning for the C.M.E. days to be a great worship experience, not only for their existing congregation, but also for their visitors. Some churches start planning as much as a year ahead for these special days.

The result of significant planning will always yield you positive results.

It really gets me how pastors will put in a week or two of planning, if that, just before the ‘special’ day and have the audacity to rebuke the congregation for not inviting guests.

The truth is there are always churches nearby that have planned ahead and are offering a great worship experience.

You know this personally because more than a month earlier, you received their glossy postcard, or a member gave you an event ticket, or you saw their specialty banner on the road, or viewed their updated website  or you heard their radio announcement or saw their TV commercial.

These are all indicators that this service has been well thought out, planned and will be different.

People Will Share What They Value

The truth is congregations from these churches will gladly invite friends, co-workers and strangers to their churches. Members value the time, effort and planning that went into that service.  And whatever gives them a sense a pride, they will gladly share.

So if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly.  However, if you sow generously, you will reap generously.

Don’t Be Surprised if Your Own Member Skips Out

So, if you are a pastor who says, “It don’t take all that,” don’t be surprised or offended if you look up and even some of your own members are missing on these days.

Where are they?  They are at the church down the road enjoying their ‘planned’ church service.


 Does your church plan ahead for C.M.E. days?  How early?

Feel free to review the blog entitled, “10 Ways to Sabotage Your Church Holiday Service Efforts.”

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3 thoughts on “Improve Your Church Holiday Services by Planning Ahead

  1. I felt a little left out, Fathers Day was not included in the days that would EXPLODE church services. All jokes aside.

    The C.M.E.F. days make a lot of sense. It all most sound like we would need a team or teams to focus on these EVENTS. Looking at it from your perspective. Depending on the size of the church, they may need to be held in a bigger place. I can see how this would result in an EXPLOSION in church attendance.

    Sorry I had to add the F for Father’s Day

    I can see how / why a church would grow after implementing such a plan

    • Unfortunately, Father’s Day did not appear on the ‘Richter Scale.’ But fathers are important too. A church doesn’t have to be big to make a difference. That’s the fallacy. Last year, we found a great Father’s Day poem called, 10 Things You Would Never Hear a Dad Say.” We read it from the pulpit. It was hilarious. We also played a video called, The Father’s Day Rap and we sealed with a beautifully decorated bottle of “Dad’s Root Beer.” They loved it. Now, can you imagine if a creative team came together what they could come up with? I’m just saying….