Local Pastors and TV Pastors & Green Eyed Monster

I recently attended a revival where the guest preacher spoke against ‘those’ “TV” preachers. Further saying, “You all sending your money to them.”   It really caused me to roll my eyes as I heard the people yell out in confirmation, “AMEN!” I thought to myself, “Y’all don’t know nothin!

appleSure, there are pastors out there on the television network that have taken advantage of people.However, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch…”  Like the lyrics of this song – ONE don’t mean ALL and frankly I wonder where I would be if it weren’t for the TV preachers.

In addition, it seems to me that the real motivation behind some of these comments made from our pulpits is nothing more than JEALOUSY.

A many Sundays I have come home still hungry for a Word where I felt like I only was served an appetizer. I am grateful to be able to turn on the TV to feast on an entrée every now and then.

I guess my other point is this, what is the real benefit of making these types of statements to those who are ‘in’ church?

Is it to get us suspect ALL TV preachers? Is it to get us to only listen to them as if they have some monopoly on the Word?  Or is it because they would like to be on TV and can not?

Pastors need to appear confident in front of their congregations.  Nothing is worse than a pastor demeaning others to validate his or her ministry.  You are already validated if God called you in ministry.

I believe confident pastors should rather see TV preachers not as a threat but assistants in helping their flock get more into the Word.

Allow me to address the money issue this way.  Being on TV is expensive.  Some 10 years ago we explored being on one of the major networks.  We were quoted $8000 per half hour which in TV time is 26 minutes for ONLY ONE week.  That’s $32,000 per month.

What does this really mean?  In order to stay on TV you have to be clear, prepared and intentional in delivering God’s Word. No ‘okeedoke’offering preaching here.Only ENTREE meals served here, otherwise people will not partner and will not send in their funds to keep their broadcast on the air.

How well do you think the average pastor would preach if their personal payroll check REALLY  depended upon how well they delivered their message?

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3 thoughts on “Local Pastors and TV Pastors & Green Eyed Monster

  1. I agree with this post. I often times hear local church pastors say similar things and question the motive behind thier statements. My favorite tv pastor was Rev. Karen Bethea . Ironically she is no longer on the air due to the outrageous cost for tv airtime.

    • I enjoyed Pastor Karen too. Didn’t realize that she was no longer on TV. She was down to earth with her teaching and very relevant. I can see why she was your favorite.