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Pastors, our church just finished up a great Wednesday Night Live Service.  It was a four week workshop series on Marriage and Living Single facilitated by two pastors.  I don’t want to use this blog to tell you how great it was.  Woops, I just did.

I would like to focus on the fact that people responded.  Both classes were jammed packed with eager people wanting to learn.

The attendance frankly blew our minds. People in both workshops were faithful in coming out every week.

Now why do I mention this?  Because as pastors, we need to be about meeting needs of people and being relevant. The divorce rate for Christians is about 51%.  It seems obvious that married Christian folk are having just as much trouble keeping it together as Non-Christians.

Face it, when our relationships are off course, it simply affects every area in our lives.

  • It affects how we relate to our children and how much patience we have with them or others.
  • It affects our job performance
  • it affects our Spiritual lives
  • It even affects pastor’s performance from the pulpit (c’mon tell the truth and shame the devil!)
  • it causes us to lean towards unhealthy vices that just end up making things worse.

Marriage Resource Tool (Take a peek at the overview video below)

That being said, I wanted to share with you a marriage resource tool I found.  The organization is called, The Art of Marriage.”   Go ahead and click and peruse the site.  They offer a 6-session dynamic video series: 1) God’s  Purpose & Plan, 2) Drifting Towards Isolation, 3) Husband/Wife Roles, 4) Resolving Conflict, 5) Intimacy & Sex and 6) Leaving a Legacy.

Your church can actually sponsor a conference and will be provided with all of the tools you need to plan, promote, and host an event. Here are six value-adds that I know you will find beneficial:

  1. The promotional material comes with the deal. (Already designed: brochures, flyers, posters, door hangers, save the date cards, web banners and even power point presentation for your church announcements)
  2. 30/60 second Pre-recorded public service announcements are available also with scripts
  3. Seven videos to assist you in promoting your event
  4. You can register your event on ‘The Art of Marriage‘ web site so others can find your event
  5. The ‘Cost Calculator.‘ This tool is used to assist you in determining the cost per couple.
  6. If you would like to start small with an intimate group you can do that too by purchasing the Study Group Curriculum.

This site also provides articles for those who wish to get married as well. Prayerfully, I can find a compatible singles resource tool as well. And if it is out there, I will find it and share it with you.

The harvest is plentiful.  We tested the waters in our church, throwing out our nets on the other side of the boat and guess what, we caught a lot of fish. It is Satan’s desire to destroy marriages and families.  Here is an opportunity  to not only invest in our sacred union but also to fight for our marriages and fight for the stability of our families.

Take a look at the videos and see whether or not you could manage this project at your church or in your ministry.  I believe it is a good start for dialogue as it also offers up practical solutions.

Let me know how it works for you and whether you enjoyed the video.


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14 thoughts on “Marriage Resource Tools

  1. This is a confirmation to what is in the process. I was at FROM THE PIT – TO THE PALACE.
    This is a group that allows us to talk Men2Men. FROM THE PIT – TO THE PALACE, decided
    to put together a program that allows Men2Women share. Rev. German the Pastor is putting
    the various topics together. What I find so interesting is Rev. German has picked some of the topics in here.

    Bro. Ralph will let me know the date and time. One thing that I DO KNOW IS THE LOCATION.
    7280 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
    E & J Enterprise Building

    I talked to Pastor Watts President of KINGDOM OF KINGS, we are going to do what ever we can to help FROM THE PIT – TO THE PALACE to make this a success.

    Carla’s Chats, is another tool for us to stay in contact. Carla’s Chat concerning relationship has set the tone for what is coming. Will meet you back at Carla’s Chats and hope to see you at FROM THE PIT – TO THE PALACE

    Bro. Mike

    • Bro Mike,
      One thing I like about this video is that you can run it and let the professionals do the work. Study guides come with the video series. I think the most complicated thing will be what to serve for refreshments and of course working the DVD, LOL. Thanks for your feedback and please share video series with other pastors you come in contact with. Blessings!

      • It was important for me to wait until margiare. At the time it was the right thing for me. But ..I’m sorry I did. I thought my wedding night would be romantic and wonderful. How wrong I was. It was a nightmare. I was scared, my husband didn’t understand that and he wasn’t the least bit understanding.If I could go back and do my life over. I wouldn’t sleep around, but I would insist on having sex with the man I planned on marrying, before we got married. I could have learned some very important things about him and I probably would have never married him.My sister waited until margiare and 6 months later she divorced her husband. She said he was horrible in bed and if she had sex with him before they got married, she would have never married her husband either.Sex is not everything, but it is an important part of margiare. I would never again make the mistake of marrying a man without having sex with him first. I want to know what I’m getting before I make a lifetime commitment and say I do. Would you buy a car without driving it first?

  2. Thanks for sharing the results of the four week workshop series on Marriage and Living Single. Are those Pastors moving to make that workshop available to others? Also your information about the Art of Marriage is on target, insightful and relevant. Loved the video and the web site has available information that was also helpful thank you.

    • Denise, thank you for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the video. I too, believe it is very relevant to real issues married folks face. It’s great to learn some practical tools to make marriages better. I mean it is suppose to be a lifetime commitment. One of the pastors, Rev. Sheryl Menendez is currently scheduling a ‘Forgiveness’ workshop as a result of her singles workshop. I’ll keep you posted if there are any other followup workshops. Thanks again for your feedback!

      • i didn’t save myself for maagrire. i would have liked to give myself to my husband but then i would be even more hooked on him than i am now (divorcing). everytime i am with him i think he’s comparing me to the many women he’s been with before me. i would rather a man with a smaller rap sheet.

    • Being a virgin when you marry is just plain unifar to your partner,If you are a virgin you just cannot enjoy the first night with your spouse.Some people kill for the hope of being with 78 virgins, I see 78 virgins as Hell.

  3. The video on marriage and living single. And the information on The Art of Marriage. I never considered it as being and art. But now it makes sense. Especially when you consider what it takes to develop any art. When we see people who have perfected their art of choice. It is something to behold. So what you are saying if we apply the same principles that they use we would be much happier.

    Just a few disciplines come to my mind, patience, sacrifice, and dedication.
    Dedication – set apart for a purpose, faithfulness.
    There will be times when how I feel and what I want to do or say is contrary to the process of developing THE ART OF MARRIAGE. I would like to use Martial Arts as an example. You have a partner who is making moves that counter your moves. You have a partner who does everything to get you off balance. Some times they will hit you with a blow that seem to put your lights out. And yet this seems to be the time that God steps in- God uses it to teach you
    how to fight back. Teaches you how to be a true warrior. The first thing he does is teach us how to use his armor- The sword of the Spirit shield of faith, breast plate.

    Where and how do you go about setting up one of these Marriage as an Art Centers. A place
    to learn how to grow and appreciate one another? A place that gives us the tools we need. This is why we feel so hopeless and helpless we have not been given the proper tools. These chats seem to open up your eyes to want to do something- NOW WHAT?

  4. I talked to some one last week concerning forgiveness.
    The question was asked- How do you heal if the individual
    continue to pull off the scabs by doing something else.

  5. My wife and I was listening to a marriage program last night together. Some has been married for 20, 30, 40,50, and even sixty years.They all had one thing in common. They were all experiencing
    some type of issues. Some of there problems came after a health crisis. Their husbands were a stallion in bed before the stroke. Now she has to bath him. Some still had problems communicating. After being married for 35 years I agree MARRIAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

    There is always work that need to be done. Everything can be improved if we are willing to invest the time– Which will require MUCH PATIENCE, which has a great return on your investment.

  6. I am wondering if any of the pepole that were so worried about letting same sex couples get married are considering working on abolishing marriage if it really was such an abomination to allow these equal rights? Seriously? I am more interested in how some churches are going to react to the decision and, though I have read the part that gives them equal rights, I have not read anything on the legal obligations of churches, if any? I think that in Canada they left it up to churches to decide if they would perform marriages. And there was always the JoP route.

  7. I just received another tool for the marriage tool box.
    No matter how many things you agree on.
    You are going to experience contrasting moments, that will make your hair stand up

  8. How do you be faithful / loyal to your marriage and be truthful to who you are and what you where destined to accomplish. For some this is a constant challenge. How much to you compromise, and at the expense of what? Theses are questions that come up in our meetings. .