God is Not Dead -The Need for Apologetics

Gods not deadRecently, we rented the movie, “God is Not Dead.”  I must say that overall I thought it was a good movie.  It started a little slow in its building, but by the time we hit the middle and end I was hooked.

The movie was centered around a college student and his atheistic professor of philosophy. The theme is ‘apologetics.’ Apologetics in this sense is NOT apologizing, but rather offering a DEFENSE  of one’s belief.

The first day of class the presumptuous professor convinced his class to write the words “God is Dead” on a sheet of paper to avoid having to teach the Evidence of the Existence God segment of his class. The bribe promised an easy ‘A’ and accounted for 30% of their grade.

The majority of students had no problem jotting down these three words.  One student however, could not do this.  The angered professor told him to he must then be prepared to defend his view or risk loosing 30% of his grade.  The student had a lot to lose.He consulted a pastor for guidance.What the pastor said had a profound impact on me.  He said,

“The acceptance of this challenge may be the ONLY meaningful exposure to God and Jesus they will ever have.”

Movie Review: Noah — All Aboard?

NOAHMy husband and I decided to see the movie entitled, “Noah.”  I want to say, for the record, the movie was ONLY inspired by the story of Noah in the Bible.  It was entertaining, but NOT biblically accurate. Clearly being biblically accurate was NOT the intent of the writers and director.  In fact if I had to rate the movie, I would rate it at 80% fictional and 20% factual.

It would be a good idea to first re-read the story of Noah and the Ark – chapters 6-10 of Genesis to get an accurate picture of just how the story went especially if you will be bringing your children to it.

I will say that the movie is action packed with great sound effects and is a cross between a Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson, the movie Galaxy Quest (talking rocks scene) with Timothy Allen Dick and the movie Evan Almighty with Steve Carrell along with scenes giving the illusion of being a part of the dark ages where barbarians thirsted for world dominance – all of these wrapped into one film entitled, “Noah.”

As a person who writes plays and skits, it is necessary to use some creative license to keep your audiences engaged in the plot, in other words some fictional writing is crucial. However, we have to be careful that we don’t misguide our audience on the main message for that is the definition of heresy (promoting false teaching).

Lastly, if I were to be so lucky to have my blog be seen by Roma Downey and husband, Mark Burnett (directors of “the Bible Miniseries” and just released, “Son of God”) I would say this, “We’ve seen what you can do. There is no doubt in my mind that you could put together a suspense plot, sprinkled with a love story, filled with action packed scenes with great sound effects and produce another blockbuster experience for us all that is biblically accurate. Hope you guys are working on it now.” 

I am planning to do another review so to not give away details of the movie since it is fairly new to the theaters.  I will accompany a study and answer guide that may be helpful in group discussions.

Did you see “Noah”?  If so, identify the facts from the fiction. And identify the areas you thought the movie did a good job portraying.

Theologians – Making Mountains out of MoleHills?


This blog addresses a few criticism I received on a play I wrote and produced called, “The Cup.”  The drama ran on Thursday and Friday of Holy week (Easter).  This year marked its second year in production.  I am thrilled to report it was packed house on both nights.

The play depicted Jesus time and agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I unpacked the figurative ‘Cup’ that Jesus asked God to remove from Him – exploring the types of sin that was in each of the cups with special attention given to the last cup that brought Jesus down to His knees making Him sweat drops of blood.

God really showed up as we attempted to display Jesus’ love, His compassion and ultimate sacrifice for you and for me.

Of course there is always a critic – and that’s okay!

Now let me say it this way, I (we) received many compliments about how great the production was.  It warmed my heart, as well as the cast of plus 60 and all those who worked behind the scenes.

But there were those who found fault with the production.   Let me me first say that “We won’t grow if everyone is constantly saying to us, “How Great Thou Art.”   You can not improve upon perfection because perfection is the ultimate. And I admit I am no where near perfection.

Constructive criticism is always helpful because the motivation behind it is that the person really wants to see you do better.  But then there are what I call  ‘Modern Day Pharisees – MDPs.’ In biblical times Pharisees gave Jesus a hard time rebuking Him for not washing His hands, not making His disciples fast or healing people on the Sabbath Day.

In other words, they were sweating over the small stuff!

The Bridge – A Father’s Sacrifice

“Father, take this Cup from Me…”

Some of you know that I write and direct skits and drama productions.  My most recent production was called, “The Cup.”  The drama was centered around the Garden of Gethsemane and depicted the struggle between good and evil.

We explored from an allegory point of view just what could have been the contents of these cups that Jesus asked God to remove from Him.

The goal was for those sitting in the audience to see not only their sins before them, but to also witness firsthand Jesus’ initial struggle with the prospect of Calvary.

2 Videos Designed to Set the Stage

I had two videos I wanted the congregation to see before starting the production.

Because of some technical difficulties I had to download them again. One of videos I wanted to show right before the production started.  It was entitled, “The Bridge.”

This clip was used to set the stage showing the audience the REAL cost of sacrifice, especially to those unaware of what was done just for them.

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #4 Review

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #4 Review

This episode is called, “Mission.”


  • Jesus brings a dead man back to life
  • Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey
  • Jesus turns on the money-changers in the temple
  • Caiaphas coaxes Judas into betraying Jesus
  • Jesus throws the disciples into turmoil at the Last Supper.

Categorical Review

  1. Things I Liked
  2. Things that were Shocking
  3. Things that were Missing in Action
  4. Things that I Did Not Like
  5. Things that the UN-Churched Learned about Jesus