Pastors Can Benefit From Being UNDER Leadership

I was viewing a sermon from Apostle Ron Carpenter earlier this month on our need to be UNDER leadership in order to grasp a hold of our inheritance. Of course he was speaking to his congregation. However, I couldn’t help but ask the question if pastors could benefit from being under leadership too.


In the Bible, a high official came to Jesus asking Him to heal his servant. Jesus was going to accompany the official but the official said, “I am a man UNDER authority; send your Word.”

The Cycle of Frustration

Apostle Ron addressed the constant cycle of frustration we experience in our inability to grasp a hold of what we are entitled to as believers — our inheritance.

God gave us access to everything He has just because of WHO we are.The question is, ‘Why can’t we lay hold of it?’ How frustrating!

He gives us all of these keys to His kingdom, but which key unlocks … my inheritance?

Apostle suggests that God has locked our inheritance up into someone else and that is why no matter who your leaders are you got to honor them.

Until we learn the proper ability to honor leadership in whatever form it comes whether it is the church, our workplace, any and all those in authority – there will always be something that is withheld from us.

He further states that our biggest stumbling block may be that we need to be UNDER some form of leadership whether it is: a mentor, a counselor, a coach or a guide.

Quick Definition of Terms

Mentor – observes you, affirms you and reaffirms you, but also addresses your deficiencies.

Counselor – help you make decisions. They are objective and help you with your blind spot.

Coach – just shows you how to do a particular thing the ‘right’ way. They walks you through the process.

Guide – A person you learn from because they have done what you are trying to do.  They have the experience planting new churches, increasing membership and finances.

Although Apostle Ron did elaborate on the types of leadership, I would like to take time to unpack the mentor role a bit.

Here are a few nuggets from the sermon:

What is a ‘REAL’ mentor?

A real mentor has to be able to observe us and affirm us but is also given permission to address our deficiencies.  We need to find that person who God has brought to us to help us to grow.  These types of positive relationship reinforce the GREATNESS in us.

When you have no leader, your perceptions are off. You see the whole world through your own set of lenses, your own set of life experiences and yes, your own set of deficiencies.

This can be harmful when important decisions need to be made.  Although we are not addressing counselors here, Apostle reminds us that the Bible says, “There is safety in a multitude of counsel.”

Stuck – not moving forward?

Sometimes our life seems to not be moving forward because we have no constructive voice feeding into us or we have REJECTED the voices God has sent us.

Our needs vary.

There are times we may need a mentor, while other times we may just need a counselor, a coach or a guide. We need to realize that it is much more important who you are UNDER than who you are OVER.

Is there anyone in your life that sees your deficiencies?  And if they can are they allowed to tell you what they are?

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7 thoughts on “Pastors Can Benefit From Being UNDER Leadership

  1. So true a Mentor of mine gave me a book The E Myth.
    In order for me to succeed, I will need to incorporated the wisdom in this book.
    Personally it is not going to be easy. I am not only comfortable where I am. I have become complacent. When your Mentor knows your strength, and respects your weakness.
    They know just the right book to give you.

    Some Mentors – are able to be our Guide, Coach, Counselor , Business & Ministry Partners.

    • Have you ever wondered for Solomon to have been the wisest man in the world – – why did he fall prey to his appetite? My contention is this, he may have been wise, but he had no prophet to serve as a mentor – no voice of reason that could speak to his deficiencies. People came from all over the world to hear his voice. But whose voice was he willing to listen to? hmmmm

    Minister to your Pastor
    How to Serve God’s Servants of the Harvest
    by / Toby Awasum

    The book talks about the statement you just made.
    Pastors need ministering to.

  3. This is why personal coaches make so much money. They are paid to look out for the person’s best interest. So many times one distraction after another can cause one to lose focus. This is when that voice become so important. Especially when that voice can be trusted.
    When that voice speaks to their core. Not using the relationship for selfish reasons. Some times he / she understand the person they are mentoring better than they understand their own GREATNESS

    Such a voice is very rare

  4. Another truth concerning a Mentor. They keep raising the bar. Just when they think the individual they are working with has reach a specific goal. They see another facet of the person’s creativity, talents or skills. And the process starts all over again.

    The flip side is The so called Mentor is actually being mentored through the relationship.
    They are introduced to certain facets of their self that they were not aware of. The relationships turns out to help them “TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST”