Call for Pastor Sensitivity: Expressing Views on Political Candidates


A Call For Pastor’s Sensitivity in Expressing Views on Political Candidates

I am sure you can remember the advice to stay away from any conversations dealing with  sex, politics and religion.  This is because these topics can lead to some very heated debates.

As we look at our churches, whether we have a large church or small church, there is plenty of representation of diversity  within our pews.

Not everyone looks alike, wears the same types of clothing, comes from the same economic background or has the same amount of education.

That being said, we pastors need to be cautious and sensitive how we express our views regarding the upcoming election.  It is a personal decision to vote for either Obama or Romney based on what we have learned about each candidate.

It is inappropriate to use the pulpit to speak against either candidate. 

Why do I say this?  Because to do so is to not be sensitive to others who share a different view than we do.

The results in using the pulpit to express your personal opinions is to offend those who believe differently than you.  It is not fair because pastors are engaged in a monologue not a dialogue during these times.

It is simply not right. I guarantee that if you were to take a ‘silent’ or anonymous vote among your congregations you would NOT have 100% of the votes for either candidate. This is why I am against any organization endorsing a candidate because it assumes that everyone  who is employed in that organization believes as the organization does.

Therefore, for you to say things like, “You would have to be stupid to vote for __________” or  “You are out of touch if you are even considering ___________ as president” or “All __________does is speak lies” is for you to directly offend those who believe differently than you.

The pulpit is not the area for us to do this. It’s not biblical and is subjective in nature. I would rather support pastors who would take the time to put together an ‘objective’ pro and con sheet together on both candidates as a tool to assist members of the congregation in making an informed decision.

We need to provide aid in helping others come to a decision for themselves instead of telling them who to vote for. Feel free to read the article on “Who to Vote for: Obama or Romney.”

Keep in mind the larger the church, the more diverse the church.  Stop believing everyone believes as you do because not all do.  If we really believe when it is all said in done, that it is God who will put the man in office, we have to trust that He  knows what He is doing and that it is for divine purpose.

Let’s respect each others’ belief and views even if they are contrary to our own. Regardless of who gets in the office, we are called to pray for those who are in leadership over us.

Do you believe it is the pastors call to pass his own agenda in endorsing candidates from the pulpit?

Who to Vote for: Obama or Romney

Who to Vote for: Obama or Romney.

With the Obama/Romney election quickly approaching, talk and radio shows have been flooded with Christian who are at an impasse on who to vote for Obama or Romney. It seems that they are convinced that if they vote for either candidate it would cost them Heaven.

Some have elected not to vote this election for fear of judgement.  I ask that you read this article and perhaps an earlier article entitled, “To Vote or Not To Vote,” before you elect to stay home this election year.

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I must admit that both candidates have a dark shadow of concern  hovering over them.

It’s very difficult for Christians to ignore or even minimize the fact that Obama supports the homosexual agenda, gay marriage and abortion with the woman’s right to choose.

And it is equally difficult for Christians to embrace Romney’s Mormon faith because of the cultish similarities that even appear to be blasphemous.

We must however, vote for the person that, we believe, will best represent the stability of America.  The position one has on hot topic social issues can not be the main basis of our vote for or against.

In addition, one’s choice of faith walk  should not be the main basis of our vote for or against.

For those of you who know me, allow me to come clean and transparent.  I do not know if I would be writing the same type of blog if one of the candidates were an atheist or Satanist. It’s comforting for me to know that both contenders believe in God from which they derive their personal values even when it seems they may not practice them as they should.

That being said, I encourage you to vote this election in spite of the dark shadows.

Pray for guidance from the Lord and then vote your conscience.


Lastly, I would like to leave you with four considerations:

  1. In our best relationships whether it is with our spouse, our children, our parents, our friends or even our pastors, we are NOT going to agree with each others stance 100% of the time on every issue.
  2. We need to know that God is in control.  He already knows who will be sitting in the White House come 2013.
  3. Whoever gets in the White House, the Bible mandates that we pray for our leaders (those who are in authority).
  4. Our eternity is secured in us accepting Jesus as our Savior.

Don’t be pressured by others in believing that if you vote for Obama over Romney or Romney over Obama,  that  you are jeopardizing where you will spend eternity.  This is NOT a life altering decision, you will NOT ‘bust’ hell wide open.

Pray again for guidance during this election. Remember this is a private decision.  Do not let others dictate to you who you are suppose to vote for.

  • Just because you are democrat does NOT mean you have to vote democratic.
  • Just because you are republican does NOT mean you have to vote republican.

God may speak to you about voting outside of your party affiliation.  Beware of disclosing your voting decision  with family, friends, etc. as it may lead to arguments.  It may be a good idea to just remain silent in keeping your decision a ‘private’ affair between you and the Lord..

 In spite of your reservation with the two candidates, are you still voting and encouraging others to do likewise?








To Vote or Not Vote – Obama/Romney Dilemma


Who do you vote for when neither candidate has a spotless record . . . .

  • The lesser of two evils
  • You do a coin toss and pray for the best
  • You don’t vote
  • You vote your conscience

THY KINGDOM COME. As a result of King Solomon’s sin, upon his death, his kingdom was divided into two parts. The Kingdom of Judah led by his son, Rehoboam and the kingdom of Israel led by his servant Jeroboam.  As you read Ist & 2nd Kings you will discover that collectively Judah and Israel had 40 kings – only eight kings did what was right in God’s eyes and not one single king of Israel did right.

Some were just downright wicked and evil – consumed with their kingly power; some were prone to compromise; while others were tolerant, some gave into peer pressure, while others towed the line on both sides. Sound familiar?

READY TO RECEIVE US BACK TO HIM. One thing that seems to be consistent within the scripture is that when the nation went through their struggle and cried out to God for help He heard their prayer and redeemed them even when they  repeatedly offended Him and were disobedient.

OUR DUTY TO VOTE. That being said, I encourage you to still vote your conscience at the polls this November as it really is our duty as citizens of these United States.  Sure we may have something against both candidates.  We might not like what either stands for on certain issues and that’s okay.  The fact is there has only been one perfect Being without sin and that is Jesus and He’s not running for office.

OBAMA. We may like President Obama’s overall leadership and feel that he connects with the ‘average’ man, but hate his stand on the controversial issues such as same sex marriage or pro-life.

ROMNEY. We may like Candidate Mitt Romney’s business savvy, and moral conviction, but are concerned whether he can relate to the ‘average’ man along with questioning the impact of his Mormon belief system on running the affairs of our country.

YOU DON’T SAY. The truth is just look around, there are things we like about each other and other things we do not like.  There are things people like about what we say as pastors, yet there are things they do not like.  It concerns me when we are thinking about not attending the polls because we have found fault with both candidates.  I fear we are ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water.’

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VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. I have a friend who has a saying, “Eat the meat and throw away the bones.”  My recommendation is for you to vote your conscience and let God do the rest. You still can take a stance and be an activist for those principles you believe in regardless of who will be in office. I believe this is our Christian duty as citizens and as believers.

Lastly, we all need to come to terms with the fact that either President Obama will remain in the office or Mitt Romney will move into the office.