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I am Church Member

Reasons I Liked the Book

I like this book for several reasons. To list a few: it is small, simple, easy to read, practical, inexpensive and it has some great insights. Some of the content makes for some great discussions in small groups.

FIRST Read The Introduction

Many of us dive right into reading chapter one, but in this case I STRONGLY recommend reading The Introduction for it sets the stage for the chapters to follow. The introduction includes a story of the interaction between two different types of church members. If you are a seasoned church member I am sure you will be able to relate.

Theologians – Making Mountains out of MoleHills?


This blog addresses a few criticism I received on a play I wrote and produced called, “The Cup.”  The drama ran on Thursday and Friday of Holy week (Easter).  This year marked its second year in production.  I am thrilled to report it was packed house on both nights.

The play depicted Jesus time and agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I unpacked the figurative ‘Cup’ that Jesus asked God to remove from Him – exploring the types of sin that was in each of the cups with special attention given to the last cup that brought Jesus down to His knees making Him sweat drops of blood.

God really showed up as we attempted to display Jesus’ love, His compassion and ultimate sacrifice for you and for me.

Of course there is always a critic – and that’s okay!

Now let me say it this way, I (we) received many compliments about how great the production was.  It warmed my heart, as well as the cast of plus 60 and all those who worked behind the scenes.

But there were those who found fault with the production.   Let me me first say that “We won’t grow if everyone is constantly saying to us, “How Great Thou Art.”   You can not improve upon perfection because perfection is the ultimate. And I admit I am no where near perfection.

Constructive criticism is always helpful because the motivation behind it is that the person really wants to see you do better.  But then there are what I call  ‘Modern Day Pharisees – MDPs.’ In biblical times Pharisees gave Jesus a hard time rebuking Him for not washing His hands, not making His disciples fast or healing people on the Sabbath Day.

In other words, they were sweating over the small stuff!

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #4 Review

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #4 Review

This episode is called, “Mission.”


  • Jesus brings a dead man back to life
  • Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey
  • Jesus turns on the money-changers in the temple
  • Caiaphas coaxes Judas into betraying Jesus
  • Jesus throws the disciples into turmoil at the Last Supper.

Categorical Review

  1. Things I Liked
  2. Things that were Shocking
  3. Things that were Missing in Action
  4. Things that I Did Not Like
  5. Things that the UN-Churched Learned about Jesus

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #3 Review

The Bible Miniseries – Episode #3 Review

This episode is called, “Hope.”


  • The Jews are enslaved in Babylon
  • Daniel is thrown into the lions’ den
  • The Angel Gabriel tells Mary she will bear a child
  • Joseph takes Mary to Bethlehem for the census
  • Judea comes under the ruthless rule of Pilate.

I hope you enjoyed Episode #3 of the Bible Miniseries.  In the video I discusses some questions and address some comments.

Feedback, Questions & Comments

  1. Jesus touching water to attract fish
  2. Jesus saying, “We’re going the change the world.”
  3. Jesus Baptism and why producers left off the Dove descending and God making pronouncement over Jesus.

I have enjoyed The Bible Miniseries and have observed where producers have used creative license to draw in their audience.

Challenge: Use series as a segue for faith discussions.

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The Bible Miniseries Critic’s Challenge


Heard the saying, “Everyone’s a Critic”?

I received some comments and criticisms about the Bible Miniseries on how Satan was portrayed to look like President Obama.  This statement has gone viral and people are now all ‘out of sorts.’

We will always have critics and those who stir up dissension among the masses. In my opinion, I don’t believe that Roma and Mark (the producers of the show) went out to purposely look for an Obama look-a-like to play the role of Satan.

I will say however, this seems to me, like a demonic ploy to lead a protest against the show and I am sure that the ‘real’ Satan is getting a kick out of it!

Paving the Way?

Could it be, that in spite of these types of up rises, as well as our theological differences, that this Bible Miniseries could be used as a sort of ‘forerunner’ (like John the Baptist) paving the way that would ultimately bring in new people to our churches who may be finally ready to make a commitment to Christ?

Why critics so hostile?

Further, is it necessary for the ‘Christian’ community to be so hostile in expressing their views against the show?

It reminds me of the Pharisees in the Bible.  They did not rejoice over the healing, rather, they made an issue out of the fact that the healing took place on the Sabbath!

Our bickering and criticisms amongst one another illustrates, once again, the “GREAT DIVIDE.”

Who would want to join a religion or come into a relationship with Jesus when His supposed followers can’t agree on anything regarding their faith?

Someone wrote “A little poison kills” to which I say, “..and so does starvation.”

Let’s give credit to those who are making attempts.

At least they are doing something! They are making an attempt to evangelize and expose people to the Word.

Let’s tell the truth and shame the devil –  if exposing people to the Word or evangelizing were left up to many of us as their only form of nourishment, the people would ‘starve’ to death!

Are there some theological issues that I have concerning the show?

You bet.  I see them and have made note of them and will use this platform to discuss them.

Are they show stoppers?

In my opinion, they are not ‘show stoppers’ but opportunities for discussion. I offer a challenge to use the show as a segue to begin conversations of faith. Think about it, what an opportunity this could be.

To those who are ‘UNchurched’, we should use caution so that we do not play into validating their beliefs that the Bible contradicts itself, rather discuss scenes that in your view were theologically represented correctly.

For the believer, this is an opportunity to dig deeper for greater revelation.


Stay tuned I believe I will begin to address in a more formal way some of the theological issues that surfaced during the show.


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