Sandy Hook School Shooting – Innocent Children Perished

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Sharing my thoughts.. . .

My thoughts on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14, 2012 where some 20 kids lives were taken.

I am as distraught as anyone to see someone prey on our little ones with absolutely no regard for human life.  It is certainly a travesty in monumental proportions.  My heart goes out to all of the loved ones, teachers, bystanders, policemen, EMT workers and the like.

This event will, no doubt, go down as one of the most devastating events in our nation.

As I reflect on the state of our nation, some questions come to my mind. . . .

What would make . . .

someone go into a school and kill innocent children, go into a movie theater or into a mall and kill innocent people? Some blame it on the availability of guns – license or unlicensed. Others blame it on mental illness.

The only answer I can come up with is  – “It’s the devastating results of a ‘fallen’ sinful world.”

I heard President Obama, through moist eyes where he could no longer hold back the tears, say that he would use his office to ensure that this never happened again.  But I say to you how can even the highest office flex its muscle to prevent such a senseless act of aggression especially when the offender doesn’t even value his own life?

You’re weapons are defenseless against me

We simply can’t fight demonic spirits with natural means. The Bible tells us: “… our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms…”  This was a demonic attack.

First the demonic attack was with Adam Lanza with his own personal struggles and sadly the demonic attack that preyed upon our innocent children.

What does the church do?

“..put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Eph. 6:10-13

What is the role of the church?

PRAYER is the first line of defense. FIGHT on behalf of the kingdom. We are to be the LIGHT to a dark world. We are to POINT people in the direction of Christ who is the hope for the world.

We are to CONFIRM God’s love and value of all people. We are to DECLARE to everyone we meet that each of us were put on this earth to serve a purpose and REASSURE that in the end Jesus has prepared a place for us in Heaven.

In the name of freedom- destroying the hope

I think about the recent news events with the Atheists’ banner ads displayed on New York buildings dispelling the notion that there is a Supreme being while encouraging others to reject Jesus Christ.  It’s real a sad commentary to attempt to destroy people’s hope in something greater than themselves, especially in times of such darkness when the world desperately is in need of some light.

Innate in every man a desire to know . . .

Ravi Zacharias, a well-known apologist states that every human being establishes his world view based on four main things:

1) Origin – How did I come to be here?

2) Morality – how do I determine right from wrong?

3) Meaning – What gives my life value and meaning?

4) Destiny – What happens to me when I die?

If we all embrace a notion other than we are created in the very image of God
AND we accept that we define what is right and wrong rather than to be beholding to someOne greater than we are
AND we say an average man determines one’s value or non value
AND we accept the fact that when we die, we just cease to be

Then my question is,

“What sustains us here on earth when we are faced with struggle and trauma in our lives?  Where is the hope? In man?

What keeps us from acting on impulse? Our will, our desire, our feelings?”





Why Pastors Cheat


Why Pastors Cheat

Jezebel3I recently read an article entitled, Men: Protect These 7 Women by Watching Yourself,” written by Joe McKeever.  I must say it was a great article. Please take a look at the article. McKeever does an excellent job citing examples.

The article was written to men of the church warning them not to ignore direct and subtle signs. He emphasized for pastors to put up certain boundaries and safeguards to protect not only themselves, but also the women.

The article addresses seven types of women that men pastors need to be aware of.  The author is trying to offer some sound advice so that pastors will go into this thing with both eyes open to the subtle tricks and traps of the enemy.  Take a look at the list:

Watch out for . . .

  1. The other woman who wants to be your wife – (this is the woman who is ‘unhappily’ married; she’s your biggest fan and you are everything she wants in a man)
  2. The other woman who wants to be your mother – (this is the woman who smothers you with attention, cooks and buys you stuff)
  3. The other woman who wants to be your lover (Proverbs 5:1-5 speaks of this woman.  This woman is especially dangerous if the relationship between you and your wife have grown stale; she wants you and will make sure you know it; she will convince you, “no strings attached.”)
  4. The other woman who wants to be your best friend (This woman wants you to confide in her and wants you to confide in her.)
  5. The other woman you want (This woman seems to be everything you want in a woman; in her presence you feel a certain type of way, BUT you’re married…)
  6. The other woman who doesn’t know what she wants (This woman is the mixed up and needy woman.  She is always coming to your office. She may not be anything to look at but the danger is you can become emotionally drawn to her.)
  7. The other woman you work most closely with in ministry (You frequently meet with this woman to discuss ministry matters.  It’s the constant meetings ‘alone’ that shouts, ‘danger!’)

Many pastors have paid the ultimate price for sexual sins.

It is a pride issue when pastors believe they have so much anointing on them that they do not have to put up appropriate boundaries.  It’s like they believe they have so much Holy Ghost on them that it gives them ‘Superhuman’ strength like that given to Superman.  The problem is that the allurement of sexual temptation is a pastor’s “kryptonite.”

Many have fallen.  Think about it, even though King Solomon was the wisest man of all; it was the allurement of sex which brought about the division of his kingdom. Pastors have destroyed their families, marriage ended and have lost their churches.

The price and stakes are just too high to make such a gamble on a game that Satan plays all too well.

She doesn’t have to look like a ‘Bay Watch Babe.’Jezebel2

McKeever also points out in his article, the women that often time trips up pastors is the ‘everyday’ church woman meaning you can’t pick her out of a crowd.

She blends in. In fact, McKeever cites that she doesn’t haven’t look like Jezebel, adorned with makeup and designer outfits.

I always wondered about this how men in general would end up having affairs and their mistresses have nothin’ on their wives in terms of physical attractiveness.  Sometimes the wives are ‘Bay Watch Babes’ and the mistresses are ‘Bay Watch Beasts.

I believe it was Mike Murdock who once said that a mistress has learned to talk to the ‘king’ in a man while the wife insist on speaking to the ‘fool’ in a man.  That is why the mistress can look like the back end of a baboon and he finds himself drawn to her.

The stakes are just too high.

Why take the chance in losing it all: family, spouse, church and reputation? Billy Graham, the Christian Voice of America had a spotless career of scandal because he put up certain safeguards and boundaries.

These days as we hear about preacher after preacher falling from grace, it is imperative that one be intentional in honoring God, one’s spouse, family and church.









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Pat Robertson’s Word – Propinquity to Justify Petraeus’ Adultery

Is There Justified Adultery?

Okay, I’ve gotta vent.  Any other time I am agreeing with my grandpa, Pat Robertson, but today I’m feeling a certain type of way. It seems as though he’s excusing CIA director, General David Petraeus adultery with mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell.

  • He was off in a foreign land and was lonely
  • She’s a hot mamma and was throwing herself at him
  • She is an extremely good looking woman
  • She is a marathon runner so she is out running with him
  • She is writing his biography

I mean, c’mon  he is a man.

This is something my husband can say to his barber shop buddies, certainly out of ear shot of me lest there be hell to pay!  Another thing is the world seems to minimize the effects of betrayal calling it a soft word like ‘an affair’ but the Bible refers to it as “Adultery.” Thou shall NOT commit Adultery.

Pat Robertson stated that there seemed to be some ‘propinquity‘ going on.

Propinquity –  factors leading to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people. In other words, they seemed to have a lot in common: lonely, runners, working on the biography together. hmmmm….

Rainer’s comments to the point, NOT excusing behavior.

Thomas Rainer, President of Lifeway Christian Resources wrote an excellent post entitled, “Adultery and Leadership.”.  In my opinion, Rainer does a great job in “Slam – Dunkin” society’s attempt to normalize adultery in order to get us to buy into the fact that everybody’s doing It.   And it’s only a matter of time before you will be apart of the ranks.

I’ve highlight a few of his comments bearing to be repeated.

  • Rainer addresses the myth that adultery is a private matter.  He indicates that adultery is NOT a private matter. A lot of people get hurt in the wake of exposed adultery.
  • Rainer addresses the myth that It’s Endemic to All Great Leaders. WHAT?#&! I love this paragraph as Rainer helps us to not get things twisted about this topic. It is NOT Endemic of Great Leaders. He further states what Adultery is NOT.  For example, it’s NOT a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness.
  • Lastly, Rainer deals with the myth that It’s a Matter of Triumph.  He addresses the subject head-on.  It’s not a matter of conquest, but simply put, it’s a matter of ‘FAILED’ trust.  He emphasizes that it really is a BIG deal because FAILED Trust is FAILED leadership.

In summary, all I have to say is that it is one thing for the world to glorify adultery as a matter of triumph or personal conquest; it’s a whole other thing for representatives of the church to do it  ‘publicly’ in a form of minimizing its effects.  I have to admit, Pat Robertson’s comments made me second guess his fidelity.

Regarding Pat Robertson’s one word description, “Propinquity’ I have this to say, perhaps we all need to purchase Andy Stanley’s video series on “Guardrails.”

Do you believe that even the church normalizes adultery?


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Being Saved – Gets You Through the Door


I had to write on this topic because I heard yet another comment questioning whether people are saved because of their sin.

It is a myth that once we become saved we will no longer sin.  Even Apostle Paul said, “..For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do…sin lives in me…” (Romans 7:15-20) This journey we are on is a  Work in Progress.

Getting Saved got us through the door ONLY!  Now we have to work this thing out.  We must come to terms with the fact that we are all at different levels in our spiritual journey.

It is important to note when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord, the Holy Spirit came into us. That same Power that literally raised Jesus from the dead entered into us.

We are now made up of 3-parts: BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT

The Soul is the place where our ‘will’, emotions, intellect and feelings reside.  The Soul area is where Paul tells us to RENEW our minds.

The Body is where we have our five senses are located.  They give us the ability to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.  It’s important to note that when we got saved our body did NOT get saved. Apostle Ron Carpenter gave this analogy “the same fingers that could roll a joint before salvation, can roll a joint after salvation.”

The only way we can control our behaviors is to RENEW our mind.  This is done through a steady diet of the Word of God.  The more we get into the Word, the more we allow the Spirit to dictate over the Body.

I’ve heard people say, “Getting people SAVED is the most important thing.”  True salvation is VERY important, securing ones eternity is right up there with oxygen.  However, we need to also teach people how to live.  We often get people through the door and then we drop the ball.

We need to teach that it is important to get your fuel by regularly hearing the Word of God and  getting a ‘refueling’ through the  week in order to live out the life Jesus died to provide us.

I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.  (John 10:10) There are a lot of Saved Christians living substandard lives – broke, busted and disgusted.  The Word deals with every area in our lives.

Is everyone Saved that says they are Saved? The simple answer to this question is NO.  There are people who claim to be saved that sin without conscience. God knows the heart of each man.  I don’t believe it is our job to second guess who is saved or not.  But it is important for us to teach how Christians ought to live and that is to live our lives in obedience to the Lord.

The Bible tells us that God has written His laws on the hearts of the Christian. Sin traps ‘saved’ people too.  This happens because we are not continually renewing mind our mind with the Word so sin holds us captive.  “..For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do…sin lives in me.

Don’t you wish that after you were saved you would never sin again? 

Sounds like Heaven to me.