The Bible Miniseries – Pastors, Great Outreach Opportunity!

Some of you maybe aware of the upcoming miniseries entitled, “The Bible” created and produced by Roma Downey of Touch by an Angel and her husband, Mark Burnett.

The Bible is a ten-hour, five-week, miniseries beginning on March 3, 2013 airing ‘prime time’ on the History Channel 8PM – 10PM.

The Bible will air on Sunday nights where viewers will see some of the best-known stories from The Bible:  Noah’s Ark,  the Exodus,  Jesus’ birth and His disciples. The final episode of the miniseries will air on Easter Sunday and will feature the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Why broadcast on the History Channel?

Roma Downey, Star of Touch by an Angel and  husband, Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice).

Roma Downey, Star of Touch by an Angel and husband, Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice).

The History Channel has received a lot of criticism from the Christian community because of their slant on the Bible which is often wrong.

This makes one ask why Roma and Mark decided to showcase their movie on the History Channel. They indicated that..

  1. out of all the networks interviewed , the History Channel vowed to do the ‘best’ promotion and
  2. typically during the Easter season, the History Channel, as well as others, will broadcast shows calling our faith into question like: ‘Who was the Real Jesus,’ ‘Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?’ and shows like The DaVinci Code.

They saw it as an opportunity to broadcast the full Gospel, a meta narrative of the complete faithful message for the full month of March.


Pastors – Seize opportunity to be creative

Make the most of this opportunity to reach out to the people in your community who will be watching the series but may not attend church.

I believe Rick Warren said it best when he said, “One way to build a bridge between God’s Word and the issues of our day is to tie a sermon series into some cultural event, something that has already caught the attention of many people.”

He cited an example that when we were going through an economic crisis here in America, he preached a sermon on God’s principles for money management demonstrating HOW the Bible offers wise and practical advice on how to handle your finances.

Warren also took advantage on riding the Passion wave by Mel Gibson in that he preached a series entitled, “How Love Speaks: 7 Words From the Cross”.

Pastors –  Don’t forget Facebook and Twitter

Pastors, Bible teachers, small group leaders who are active with the social networks such as Facebook or Twitter,  you can connect with your congregation, groups, friends  using these platforms as well.  You can speak to one another during commercials or after the show or even the next day.

Pose questions of your own and or pose the questions using the study guidebook made available from .

Do you blog?

Of course, if you have a blog you could use that as a platform as well to dialog with your folks.

Resources are available – some even FREE!

Working with The Bible series team, Outreach has produced The Bible 30 Day Church Experience Kit along with a small group DVD study and personal guidebook so that you can help your church and community experience the Bible in a whole new way.

Outreach, Inc. also hopes pastors will encourage their flock to host their own viewing parties and are providing FREE “Bible Viewing Host Kits” to anyone interested.

Added Bonus

I just heard an interview from Mark and Roma that  the Lifetime Network will also air The Bible Miniseries on Mondays AND there will be a repeat broadcast on Wednesday evening on the History Channel – that’s THREE viewing opportunities available!

Won’t you ride this wave?

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  1. I actually Feel article, “The Bible Miniseries – Pastors,
    Great Outreach Opportunity! – CarlaChats” was indeed good!

    I personallycouldn’t agree with u more! Finally seems like I actuallylocated a web-site definitely worth reading. Thanks for your effort, Howard

  2. .Many a sermon falls on dead ears bsacuee it is spoken from the lips of a man with an unconvinced lifestyle. Words, words, words. His kids feel entitled’, his attitude is one of pride, he hasn’t a care in the world with regard to his next paycheck, his housing, or his employment and his calling is questioned. With all the availability of podcasts, etc to feed the pastor and inspire the pastor, unfortunately in many cases these podcasts and seminars’ are being used as a way to copy a sermon for next week. It is simply a sermon to use’ later. A fundraiser-of-the-day, and pastor, your congregants are reading you like a playbook. God help us.

  3. Oct31steve miller Preaching is not iotcndrination or absorption of information; Biblical preaching coupled with the power of the Holy Spirit should change people on the spot. Often I see people intellectually or theologically agree with a sermon and think that is all they are supposed to get out of the Sunday service-more info to agree with. If you are convicted by a message you need to ask God to change you now and start working the truth into your life. It is hard. It is painful. It is how we grow. Preachers have to be bold about getting people to make a decision to incorporate the message. Too many Christians think they are in , they’ve made it, falsely believing since they are saved all the hard work is done. All of Christianity is repentance. We repent of our sin, but also our good works ; every area of our lives has to be brought under Christ’s dominion, good areas need pruned, immature areas need disciplined. By grace driven effort and falling more in love with Jesus we will begin to see our lives’ reflect the character of Christ.

  4. Oct31 It’s the same pitfall as ever, isn’t it?The chcurh has become a place where, especially if the preaching is great, consumerism is a really easy trap to fall into.It’s important for pastors to realize that their actions are going to change their people, but their sermons aren’t, as much. When we preach, teach, speak, we tend to think that everybody remembers everything we say it isn’t so And then we think that sermons and talks are the main catalyst to change people. Also, not so

  5. Oct31Dave I know some readers won’t like these llbeas. But it seems like the weakness of Fundamentalism gave birth to Emergent (as opposed to emerging ) and the weakness of Emergent caused a return to the weakness of Fundamentalism. What we need is an integration of orthodoxy and orthopraxy.I find it interesting that Chan attributes the resurgence of biblical teaching to availability of podcasts rather than other forms of training or spiritual formation. Is the academy (i.e. Bible College/seminary) a dead paradigm of discipleship?

  6. The enemy is wise – he will use that which is close. Friend / Family member.
    In the name of keeping the peace we compromise our convictions. We become weak an vulnerable — and the enemy is strengthening his stronghold on us. He has used our close relationships to destroy / undermine us.

  7. I actually tend to agree with every little thing that
    was written in “The Bible Miniseries – Pastors, Great Outreach Opportunity!
    – CarlaChats”. Thank you for pretty much all the
    information.Thank you-Dianna