The Bridge – A Father’s Sacrifice

“Father, take this Cup from Me…”

Some of you know that I write and direct skits and drama productions.  My most recent production was called, “The Cup.”  The drama was centered around the Garden of Gethsemane and depicted the struggle between good and evil.

We explored from an allegory point of view just what could have been the contents of these cups that Jesus asked God to remove from Him.

The goal was for those sitting in the audience to see not only their sins before them, but to also witness firsthand Jesus’ initial struggle with the prospect of Calvary.

2 Videos Designed to Set the Stage

I had two videos I wanted the congregation to see before starting the production.

Because of some technical difficulties I had to download them again. One of videos I wanted to show right before the production started.  It was entitled, “The Bridge.”

This clip was used to set the stage showing the audience the REAL cost of sacrifice, especially to those unaware of what was done just for them.

I loved this video because it showed the sacrifice made for common people, lonely people, messed up people, vain people, bad people, good people, etc.

I was horrified to learn that I had downloaded the wrong version – the shortened version of clip.  It did not show the people on the train or what happened after the young boy had died.

That being said, please take a look at the video and share it with others.  It will definitely give you a new perspective on John 3:16“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son….”

Pastors and Senior Leaders

This clip will give your congregation a wonderful illustration God’s sacrifice of His son Jesus.  People will be able to see themselves in this 6 1/2 minute video clip. Great Easter illustration but can also be seen anytime during the year!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a powerful video is worth 10 thousand words!

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One thought on “The Bridge – A Father’s Sacrifice

  1. This story brought back memories, I read it years ago- But to see it acted out was a BLESSING. Thanksss

    If God could SACRIFICE some one so dear to him for me. Why do I have trouble sacrificing
    that which I know is not conducive to my spiritual well being or God’s Glory?

    God only ask of me to Sacrifice, me, myself & I.